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the guitar is more than just an instrument to me, IT’S MY LIFE!


How does my passion for music started?


I’m Sergio Vallín Loera, guitarrist of Maná, I was born in Mexico City on May 26th of 1972.


In elementary school, when I was eight years old, I joined the student music group of my school and held a guitar for the very first time. It also was around that time when, after discovering the music of bands such as The Beatles, AC DC, Scorpions, etc., I felt the calling of the music and thought “this is what I want to do”.


My uncle Ciro Vallín was my first guitar teacher and when I was ten years old I founded my first band with my brothers Rocío y Fernando and our cousin Enrique (El Crick), we use to practice in our house and sometimes people would hire us to play in some parties, it was a lot of fun.

When I was thirteen I moved with my family to Aguascalientes, where I still live to date, here was where in the Culture Center and in the hands of Professor Rosales (rip), I took my first classic guitar lessons. Later I founded, together with my siblings Rocío and Fernando and some other good friends the music group “Wando” with which we won the first place with an original song in the festival “Valores Juveniles Bacardí” in 1993


Around that time, I had up to three jobs, also playing at the Hacienda de La Noria restaurant, accompanying the psalterist Julián Pacheco with the guitar, where I learned a lot of popular Mexican and international music, at the same time, I was guitarist of the legendary band Safari where we played for all kinds of events.


Once Luis Miguel came to sing to Aguascalientes, I looked at the hotel for his guitarist and musical director Kiko Cibrián (whom I have admired all my life), to show him some of my music and ask him if he could give me electric guitar lessons, He said it was not possible because he was constantly on tour, but he asked me to leave the demo that I brought. In this way the tape passed from hand to hand until the producer José Quintana, who showed it by phone to Fher Olvera, vocalist of Maná.
  • Sergio is called to audition and is finally chosen from among more than 80 guitarists from Mexico, Spain and Argentina, and in 1994 he officially joined the band.
    Sergio Vallín, becomes the guitarist of the most influential Spanish rock band worldwide to this day, where his work as a composer, producer and arranger has been strengthened over the years.


    After some collaborations of the band, covering the “Celoso” by Los Panchos or the “Fool in the rain” by Led Zeppelin, in 1995 Maná recorded “Cuando los Ángeles Lloran”, the first studio album of the group with Sergio on the guitar, which marks a turning point in his career, among other things for the good work of Sergio and his versatility in the instrument.
It was very important for me the tour “Jalisco Power”, which we did in 2002 with Carlos Santana, after his collaboration with Maná, where the theme “Corazón Espinado” that Fher composed especially for the album “Supernatural” stood out. Playing alongside one of my idols since childhood has been one of the most rewarding moments of my career.
  • Sergio debuted as a composer in “Sueños Líquidos”, with the song “Ámame Hasta que Muera”, with a characteristic flamenco flavor, in “Revolución de Amor” he sings the track “¿Por qué te vas?” dedicated to his parents; and so he has continued to participate as a composer, producer and arranger in the following albums of the band.

My influences as a guitarist have been: Paco de Lucía, Vicente Amigo (Flamenco), Pat Metheny, Scott Henderson (Jazz), Steve Vai, Yngwie Malmsteen (Rock), Carlos Santana, Stevie Ray Vaughan (Blues), David Russell, Berta Rojas (Clásico), The Edge, Gustavo Cerati (Pop) and many more.
  • By the end of 2009, Sergio decides to launch his first soloist album “Bendito entre las mujeres” where the concept was based of feale voices. For this production he composes all the tracks and he invites his friends to cover them: Ana Torroja, Paulina Rubio, Ely Guerra, Rossana, Rocío Vallín, Ivete Sangalo, Joy Huerta, María José, Janette Chao y Raquel del Rosario. From this material comes his first single “Solo tú”.

Currently I continue recording albums and playing everywhere with the band, and I am also working on a couple of projects that have me very excited, the first is my instrumental album and the second one is MANOS Escuela de guitarra, in my city Aguascalientes.

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